Interview with Dafydd Smith, Main Character of the Warlock Case Files

This is an old post from my former Blogger site. Most of them aren’t evergreen, but this one still is. Keep in mind, however, that some of the answers were from several years ago, before certain story events happened. I decided to leave it “as is,” though, so you can see how Dafydd looked at things around the time of Werewolf Puppy.


J: I have to ask. What’s with the name? It’s kind of odd.

D: It’s a mom thing. There was this series of books she liked, set in Wales, where one of the characters had his name spelled like that. She restrained herself with my six older brothers, but I guess by the time I came along, she couldn’t take it any longer. It’s pronounced like “David,” by the way.

J: Gotta love moms. So, how did you become a warlock?

D: It’s not really that I “became a warlock.” I was born to it. You see, I’m a seventh son of a seventh son, and we have magic. It’s in our blood. *laughs* You know, once I jokingly asked my grandfather and dad if the family bred for magical talent. The look they gave me shut me up fast, but I think it answered the question.

J: How did that feel?

D: Kind of weird, but no big deal. Someone needs to do what we do, and I like practicing magic.

J: What’s it like?

D: To do magic? It’s kind of hard to explain to the non-talented. It’s not something you do. It’s part of who you are. For me, doing a spell or creating a potion is just so…right. When it all comes together, there’s this feeling of accomplishment. It’s partly that I’m doing something most people can’t, but it’s more that I just love the feeling of power going through me that I can direct the way I want.

J: What’s the difference between warlock, witch, wizard and all that? Don’t warlocks kind of have a bad rap?

D: Isn’t it funny that they all start with “w?” But I’ll start with warlocks and their reputation. Warlock literally is a male witch. And yeah, witches had a bad rep down through history. Salem and all that. People said we got our powers from the devil. But I didn’t make any deals. Like I said earlier, I was born to do magic.

Witches are just female magical practitioners, and I’m afraid wizards only exist in fiction. Gandalf is awesome, and I love him as a character, but his kind of magic is just for fantasy novels.

J: So you don’t have a spell book?

D: Not really. I was taught ways to do magic and ingredients to help focus the power, but each ritual or potion is a little different for me. Like today a red candle feels right for a finding spell and next week, I might feel that green is better.

J: Depends on your mood?

D: Or time of day. Phase of moon. Or sometimes something I can’t exactly point a finger to. Like I said, it’s hard to explain if you’ve never done it.

J: How do you like hanging out with a hot vampire?

D: Uh, is there any way to answer that which won’t get me in trouble?

Yeah, Paul is easy on the eyes, but I really respect him for what he knows and what he can do. He’s strong and can do the physical stuff. And he’s smart and has a lot of knowledge about the supernatural. I mean, I knew about ghosts and demons, but he’s showed me lots more. Most of it icky, which isn’t so cool, but it’s okay. We make a good team.

J: But you are gay and think he’s hot, right?

D: Well, yes and yeah.

J: When did you realize you were gay?

D: More like when didn’t I? I pretty much knew when I was little.

J: What was it like coming out to your family?

D: I didn’t. They all knew about the same time I did. You have to know yourself really well to do magic, and my dad, who did most of my teaching, knew from how my energies balanced. And it was no big deal to all of them.

Plus mom loved to dress me up and adored that I loved to shop and stuff. None of my other brothers liked it.

J: Do you have a boyfriend?

D: Not now.

J: But you’re looking?

D: Sure, but it’s not a priority right now. Any anyway, you’re writing me. Don’t you know that better than I do?

J: Sure, I do, but the rest of the readers don’t. If you are interesting to them, I’ll make money and keep writing you. Bore them, and you go back into the drawer to gather (virtual) dust.

D: Well, if you put it that way…

J: Do you make a living as a warlock?

D: Hardly. I sell nutritional supplements to make money. Multi-level marketing also runs in the family. Mom is an awesome Mary Kay Director.

J: Hence the loving to dress you up.

D: Yep!

Thanks, Dafydd, for that insight into what it’s like to practice magic and hang out with the undead. Dafydd’s willing to answer some follow up questions. Leave them in the comments, and we’ll get answers back.

Thanks for reading!

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